Customize Your Web Site

Custom Items can be built into your web site at the time of initial design or added seamlessly down the road. We build-in this flexibility right from the get-go. The following à la carte menu allows you to pick and choose what innovative additional items you'd like to have included in your new website.

Our professional photographers specialize in showing off manufacturing parts and facilities. Plus, we work closely with them to get the photos onto your web site with ease.

Keep your customers and prospects communicating with you all the time. These surveys even work to fulfill ISO requirements! Click here to view a live survey.

Many job shop companies are now looking to hire new employees, so we have created a Career Module to integrate into your web site.

This Career Module allows you to post job openings and get the online application sent directly to your email.

It allows you to manage applicants in a database, print applications in PDF format and much more.

View Live Careers Module

  • Have your email hosted with someone you trust.
  • Use the professional domain name of your company.
  • Web Mail access from the anywhere.
  • All email is synced for multiple device usage.
  • Includes robust SPAM filtering and 25GB mailboxes.


Looking for ideas? Try these!

Tip #1: Add Excitement

If you perform a unique process, perhaps an exciting animation would explain this process to prospects in a way that gets you recognized as "experts in the field."

Tip #2: Talk To Your Customers

Want to bridge the Internet gap and explain things face-to-face? How about a streaming video that plays fast with superior quality? Bet your competitors don't have that on their site!

Tip #3: Show Off

Want to showcase some impressive parts? If your photography is worth showing-off, let us put up a gallery with high resolution photos to impress prospects immediately.

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